A Good Weekend

As you guys may have read, I was supposed to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately when we got to the camping sight, it rained, and rained, and rained some more, so we decided to post pone our camping expedition until sometime later in the summer. Though I was a little bummed out, the weekend turned out to be pretty good. On Friday night I went to my friends high school graduation party, where I got to embarass myself and dance by myself on the dance floor. Saturday, I also went to another graduation party, but sadly there were no dance floors to make a fool of myself, so I kept it low key. That night, I went with a group of my friends to go see the new movie The Night at The Museum. Although not quite as good as the first one, I would definitely recommend it.

Sunday came around and I went fishing with my younger brother Ben and my friend Austin. It was good just sitting by the river, talking, and enjoying each others company. I caught five fish. Four of them were brim the size of my hand (not impressive) and I also caught a small catfish. On Memorial Day, I decided to run the Celebrate America 5k run with my family. I ran it in under twenty three minutes which is not too bad, considering the last time I ran a 5k was the same race a year ago. Lets just say that right now, I am extremely sore from the pain I put my legs through. Though I am hurting now, it felt good to be running again. Hopefully I can stick with it. Anyways, I hope everybody has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

As always

Be Safe and Make Good Choices