A Great Weekend with a Busy Week Ahead

Weekends are always the two days of the week where I usually do not have to worry about attending class. Sure I may have some homework, but I can go play some basketball at the Recplex (student gym/ recreation center), go eat out to lunch or dinner with a group of friends, or just watch some movies and relax. But when you get a three day weekend, it feels as though you have just passed through the gates in Heaven. Ok, maybe not that good, but it feels amazing. Well this weekend, thats exactly what happened. Due to the snow and ice we got Thursday night into Friday morning, class was canceled. Not only was the idea of class getting canceled great, but I had a midterm which got pushed to Monday which was fantastic.

As for the weekend it was great. Friday night our floor had a great time hanging out with everybody as we had a playlist full of songs both old and new. With our friends as well, it turned into a great dance party. Saturday was relaxing as my dad, brother, and sister flew up from Georgia for the Dayton vs. Xavier game on Sunday. Along with my roommate Phil, and another friend Teo, we all went off campus to the Italian restaurant Bravo. It was great getting to spend time with family and friends. Sunday, the big game. Our biggest rivals, the number 12 ranked Xavier came to Dayton in the huge matchup. We played a great game, but unfortunately could not pull of a win. Although a win would have been an icing on the cake,

My family left soon after and it was back to normal. This week is going to be very busy for me, with two midterms and enough reading to keep anyone busy, I will have my hands full, But it is all good. I had a great weekend spending time with the family and friends. Supposedly we have a winter storm warning for tonight through Wednesday, so who knows, the possibility of another snow day is possible. As always, hope is going well. Coming to Dayton will have no disappointments!!!!

God Bless