A much needed 3-Day Weekend

After two weeks of class, a three day weekend seems life the perfect getaway after 2 weeks of class, which seemed like an eternity. Packed with 18 credit hours, my schedule keeps me busy along with work and cheerleading. Sometimes I wonder why I keep myself so busy and involved with everything. It comes to the point to where I feel like I don't have enough time to study for anything, yet then again if I wasn't so involved, I feel I would just procrastinate even more than I already do. Anyways, lets get back to the real point, the three day weekend.

Instead of just hanging out on or around campus, I took my girlfriend, Kelly, to the Cincinnati Zoo. Though it was a little cold, it was definitely a good time just me and her hanging out. Probably my favorite animal there was the sloth considering all they really do is sleep, and well hey how bad could that be? After the zoo, we went to a restaurant called Uno's Chicago Grill. There, we enjoyed a Chicago syle deep dish pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and basil sauce. To describe the taste of the pizza, the only word that comes into mind is delicious. After a great meal we headed back to campus where we must endure our normal lives. However, it was a great day to relax and get away from school for a while..