A New Experience

"At least once in everybody's life, one tries something new, something that would have never crossed their mind. For some, it might be skydiving, for others it could be a crazy haircut. But for me, my new experience was trying out for the UD basketball cheerleading squad.

It all started when my friend Adam called me up to come down to the Up the Orgs event, which is where students can sign up for different organizations and look into different fraternities and sororities. When I arrived, he encouraged me to sign up to tryouts for basketball cheerleading. I remember thinking in my head, ""Am I really going to do this?"" And sure enough, I signed up.

The following Wednesday, Adam and I walk to the gym where tryouts were being held. When I walked in, it was one of the most awkward feelings I have ever experienced. I walked through the door and I saw tons of girls looking, and probably questioning whether I was actually going to tryout. I knew I had just stepped out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone consists of going to the gym, hanging with my friends, and watching football. Never once in my life would I have thought that cheerleading would have been part of my zone.

As practice started, I was very nervous as I did not want to embarrass myself, as well as not drop any of the girls. Shortly after, I became comfortable with my surroundings and began to realize that I was enjoying this new experience. It was not only because of the fact that we were surrounding by girls, but I never realized how much of a workout cheerleading could be.

After practice was over, a few cheerleaders and the head coach came over and told me they were impressed, and that Adam and I should keep coming if we were truly interested. Trying to hold in our excitement, we told them we would be back at practice next week. When we walked out, I looked at Adam and said, ""Man, we just made the cheerleading team!"" After giving a high-five, I called my mom to tell her the news that we made it.

Since then, I have been pumped for the next practice so I can work to perfect the stunts. Although I am excited, others seem to disagree with my choice as some guys give me crap about it. I honestly do not care what they think, so I laugh it off and go on with my day. At the end of the day, I just think to myself, when they are up in the stands at the basketball games, I will be courtside in front of 13,000 people. As the time gets closer, I will keep you updated as to how it is going.