A short and busy weekend over, ready for Thanksgiving

As expected, the weekend passed by in the blink of an eye. At the football game on Saturday, the Dayton Flyers football team pulled out an impressive win, but unfortunately Butler didn't lose, therefore there will no be postseason for us. But to look at the bright side, we did have a good season and hoping to have great seasons in years to come.

Saturday night we had to be at the women's volleyball game as they were playing in the A-10 tournament. In a best of 5 game series, we won 3-1. They are to play again tonight against St. Louis for the A-10 championship. When it comes to Flyer athletics, this weekend was pretty impressive.

I was able to get to go to church this morning. It felt so good to relax, listen to the preacher and hear what his sermon was about. Everytime I go to church, I feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulders and all that is happening around me with school and everything else is gone for that hour and a half I'm at church.

With the day only half over I have a busy second half. I'm about to go to the library to work on a group project, go to cheerleading practice, then back to the library. It's a little unfortunate that I have to spend majority of today in the library, its a very nice day outside. Anyways, I got to run and get this project knocked out.

Be safe and make good choices!