A Tough Loss to Swallow

Tuesdays are always one of my longest days of the week. For this Tuesday, it was going to seem like an eternity. Having four classes and a huge anatomy exam in my last class is not a very exciting day. I woke up in time for my first class at 10:30, but ended up skipping it in order to study for my anatomy test. After about an hour of extra study time, I headed to my Christian Ethics class, followed by Adaptive Physical Education, and then Anatomy.

After taking the exam, it put a damper on my mood for the remainder of the day. I have never felt so bad after a test in my life, it made me just want to sit around and do nothing. It was ugly, but then again its over with and I just have to do better on the next one.

Shortly after getting out of class, I headed to work where I taught two tumbling classes. Teaching kids new skills and helping them helped me get my mind off what had happened with the test which was nice. I left work early, just after 7, as we had a big game against Rhode Island.

Getting to the arena about a half an hour after the game started, I saw we were playing pretty good up by 11 at the half. However, Rhode Island cam out with a vengeance scoring three 3's in 1 minute to start off the second half, cutting our lead to 2 points. There were a few lead changes and for the second half it was nailbiting basketball. With fifteen seconds left, Chris Johnson shot a three, missed but got fouled. He shot and made all three free throws putting us up by 2. Rhode Island came down letting time run down. Number 21 on RI already had twenty five points, and everyone was expecting for the point guard to pass to him when all of the sudden he pulled up for a three and made it. 3.4 seconds left and Mickey Perry drives down to pull up for a deep three, everybody holding their breathe, and the face of defeat when the ball hits the back of the rim and the game is over.

To sum up the day........it just was not that great of a day.! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!