Almost time for fall break

Time is getting close for Fall Break. Many of you may have read that sentence and say, "he made a grammar error". Most English professors would have my head if they saw I capitalized it. The reason why I did: because its just that important. Not only to me, but every other student on campus has that excitment of fall break on their mind.

It is only Monday, but my one class on Wednesdays, Kinesiology, got cancelled so my break starts Tuesday after my last class. I'm pretty excited for it. It has been a long haul with all the work I have done in all my classes thus far. Its hard to believe that this is my last fall break of my college career....yeah I'm feeling old now.

My plan for fall break is to go up to one of my roommates' lake house next to Cedar Point. I have seen pictures and the house looks more like a mansion rather than a lake house. Apparently is it is over 7000 square feet. So, there will be plenty of room to sprawl out and relax. But for now I have to try and focus on what I have left to do. I have a huge Nutritional Biochemistry test tomorrow, so I have a hot date with the library tonight after I get out of practice at 10 pm.

Well, its about time for me to get ready to go to work. Catering is fun, but all I want to do is sleep. But this is life, and I must embrace it for what it is.

Be safe and make good choices!