Already a Month into it

" Its hard to believe that we have been back to school for a month. It feels just like yesterday that I was enjoying some time with the family back home and now, Im waist deep in homework, projects,etc. But its all good. If i was not busy, then i would be bored.

It did not really hit me until the other day, when a email went out to students regarding an activity on campus. It was not the activity that struck me interesting, it was the last part of the email which said, ""ENJOY YOUR NEXT ELEVEN WEEKS"". I thought to myself, we only have eleven weeks, For some that may seem like a lot, but for me, that means the end of my freshmen year. I mean second semester came so fast, it pretty much slapped me in the face, not to say that i am not enjoying it, but its going by fast.

Well, not to be a pessimist, but our basketball team is struggling a little bit right now. Because two of our players are out on injuries, we are dropping in our conference. Once our team is healthy though, I have confidence we can bounce back and make it to the BIG DANCE in March. Anyways, as always, hope everything is going well, and remember, you cannot go wrong by picking to come to UD!!!"