An awesome parent's weekend

Though parent's weekend has come to an end, I wanted to share with everybody what my family and I had done on the Saturday during parent's weekend.

For me, it was an early start. I was running the Frerick's 5k run which is held annually on campus. I believe the race started at 10 am. The race went pretty well as the course was in and around campus. If you want a challenge, there were plenty of hills to challenge yourself. I ended up running the race in 22 minutes 18 seconds. Afterwards, I headed back to my house where I showered and changed to go to the Dayton Arena where I could pick up my uniform for cheerleading because we were cheering at the football game that day.

Though the weather wasn't the best, having my family watch me through some stunts was pretty cool. I stunted with my good friend Kelly, so we tried to show the crowd the cool stuff we could do. Our football team came out with a win against Duquesne which is always a good thing. After the game, we went to eat at Milano's, a local pizza joint on Brown Street right off campus. My family, Kelly's family, along with Kaitlyn, Kelly, Anthony, and myself enjoyed a pretty good meal enjoying each other's company.

Shortly after dinner, my mom and Poppy headed back to the hotel to take a nap and get ready to go out. Terry, Kelly, Anthony, and myself decided to go to the mall for a little while. I'm always the kind of spur of the moment type of guy, so I ended up getting another piercing in my ear. It was totally random, but hey, I like random. My friend Anthony ended up getting his ears pierced as well. After wandering around the mall for a while, we met up with my mom and Poppy and headed back to campus for the nights festivities.

At my house, we had a get together. Many of the families that we had met last year at parent's weekend came over to hang out. We had a great time catching up with eachother, and just being in good company. Later on that night, we ended up going to Bargos, a bar and grill, to hang out with some other people. We all had a great time as I said before. It was really nice to not worry about school for a few days, and just enjoy hearing about my family back home and to listen to stories dealing with my brother and sister.

Overall I had an awesome time with my family. I was sad to see them leave, but very blessed to have them spend the weekend with me. I hope to see them soon.