An end to Sophomore Year


Sorry for the delay in blogs. The past few weeks have been crazy with final exams, papers, and projects. I just wanted to fill you guys in on the last week of my sophomore year at UD. For me it was extremely hard. I was going through some personal obstacles in my social life that were consuming me, making it hard to focus on final exams. Not only the personal issues, but the fact that it was the last time to hang out with many of my friends for almost four months is hard to think about. Exams ended up going pretty well, considering the situation I was in.

On the last Thursday at UD, I decided to hangout with my friends instead of studying for my last final. Although probably not the best academic decision, I was glad to spend time with people and just have a few laughs. Because I was flying home on that Saturday, I had to pack up much of my belongings into boxes and send them home through mail. Let me just say that was a pain, as I sent home two boxes which weighted fifty pounds, then sent a couple other boxes weighing around thirty pounds apiece. I will say it was hard to get out in time before the buildings closed down. For some reason this year, they made all students be out by six oclock on Friday. I know maybe the intention was to prevent partying, but many people have finals on that Friday and don? have sufficient time to pack and study during the last week of school. So I guess I would say that I am disappointed with how check outs were done when we were moving out. Other than that, things went pretty smoothly. I?m now home for summer. It?s weird being home, but a good feeling at the same time. Ill explain more in my next blog.

Be safe and make good choices