Another Basketball Season Flown By

Though the basketball season is not completely over, the regular season for the Dayton Flyers ended with a victory over Duquesne on Saturday. With that win, it brought new life to the Flyer basketball team after coming off a loss to Xavier. We won 25 games in the regular season, the most ever in the history of UD basketball, not to mention we were undefeated at home for the first time ever. It was not just the basketball team that got recognized, but the fans after the game. Marketing announced that over 225,000 people attended, the most fans to come to the Dayton Arena as well.

This year has had some amazing memories from basketball but the most memorable was the home win against Xavier. It was huge, a memory that will never be forgotten. But the season is not over, we still have the A-10 tournament this week, and either the NCAA or NIT tourney. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule for school, I cannot attend the A-10 tournament this year, but I will be able to travel for any other tournament we make it to. I am hoping for an NCAA bid, which would be awesome.

We will know soon enough as selection Sunday is coming up soon. Until then, I will wait, and wait, and wait, hoping for that NCAA bid. Hope everybody day is going well.

Be safe and Make Good Choices