Anyway you want it, thats the way you need it...

Last weekend I was able to enjoy seeing Journey in concert for the first time. When I first heard they were coming to Cincinnati, I thought that would be an awesome concert to see but I bet it is expensive. But when I checked to buy tickets online, I was pumped to see that lawn seats were twenty dollars, and my girlfriend and I could not pass up the oppurtunity.

The concert was held at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, about an hour plus a few minutes away. We got ready, jumped in her blue mustang, and started on our short trip to the concert. Although the concert was held in Cincinnati, we had to go over the Kentucky state line and back over the Ohio state line to get there. Weird, I know, but its all good.

We finally got there, picked up our tickets, and pushed our way through a different generation of people to get to where we could see. It was a new experience seeing a different group of people come to a concert, it felt like a revival of the 80s. Cheap Trick and Heart opened up for Journey and they were pretty amazing.

After a long anticipation, Journey came out and rocked out like back in the day. They played all the favorites like Anyway You Want It, Wheel in the Sky, and my favorite Faithfully. After it ended, we rushed back to the car to get ahead of the traffic. Kelly let me drive, and well I was pretty proud of myself. Getting out of the parking lot and back to UD only took about and hour and fifteen minutes. Not too shabby. Anyways we had an awesome time and hopefully get to see them again sometime.