As time goes by....

" I am finding it hard to believe that November is here already. It seems like yesterday that I moved into the dorms at UD, and now, my first semester of college is moving toward the end. As the sayings goes, ""Time flys by when you are having fun!"" At the beginning of the year, I heard numerous times from upperclassmen that your freshmen year goes by the fastest, and from personal experience thus far, its very true.

From time passing so fast, I am learning soak up every moment, the good and the bad.

I cheered at the exhibition basketball game this past Thursday!!! To make a long story short, I had stitches in my forehead from a procedure done at the dermatologist. Consequently, while stunting at the game, I got hit in the same place, causing the stitches to rip open, and causing me to bleed profusely in front of the fans, as I rushed to the training room. Later, after the game, I got new stitches. You may be asking, what does this have to do with anything? The reason is looking back afterwards. At the time, it was not that fun, but I look back now, and realize it is a unique story for the first game I cheered at UD.

Time is precious in a sense that each of us does not know how much time we truly have. By soaking up every moment, the good and the bad, life can be lived to the fullest. My philosophy on life is that if there were no bad times in life, the good times would not be as enjoyable as they are. Therefore, embrace the bad times, for good times are ahead in the future.

College is a major part of where you end up in life!!! Enjoy it, soak up the experience, and try your hardest, because before you know it, it will be gone, never to be experienced the same way.

God Bless