Back into the swing of things after a long weekend

While most people had a three day weekend because of Martin Luther King Day, I ended up having a four day weekend as my one class on Tuesday was canceled. I can say that I did not do anything academic whatsoever. It felt great at the time, but now I do regret not spending a few hours doing some things for classes. I ended up not doing an online assignment for one of my classes, which I totally forgot to do. Although its not a huge deal, its particularily not a good idea to do that this early in the semester.

On a positive note, it is supposed to warm up close to forty tomorrow. Funny how a guy from Georgia would be excited about temperatures possibly reaching forty when it happens all the time down there. The fast few weeks, we have had highs as low as six degrees, and although I dont mind the cold weather, it is a little cool for my personal taste.

So far, this semester has seemed to drag along. Each day, it seems to be the same thing, waking up early, going to class, the gym, practice, and then bed. Though I guess thats what college is supposed to be for, I would like a change of pace soon. I am just glad its only a few days from the weekend. I need it badly. Well, its off to bed I go. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some sunshine and some warmer temperatures.

Be safe and make good choices