Back on campus with my family

I finally made it to UD last was a struggle but I eventually made it. The gps told me I would arrive by 11:30 pm but because of the three seperate times I got stuck in traffic, I arrived at 1 am. Needless to say I was worn out but happy to be with my friends at Dayton who I consider my family.

So far today has been great. I woke up around 9 to take my friend Brandon to work and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Pat to watch the USA soccer game. The game started out awful as we were down 2-0, but the second half we scored two goals to tie it. We even scored a third goal, but the referee called an off awful call...but just the atmosphere of students cheering on at Bdubs reminded me of how much I miss being on campus.

After Bdubs, I went to a pool with my friend Kristina and met up with my friends Brittany and Shelby to just soak up some sun and enjoy the beauiful weather. The weather couldn't be any better. The hot sun beating down, the conversations with good friends, and the feeling of cooler water after jumping in the pool....yeah its good!

After spending a few hours at the pool, it was time to get back to campus in time to hang with Kaitlyn and run a few errands with her before meeting Pat and Brian for dinner at Milanos. If you have never been to Milanos and plan on coming or visiting UD, I highly recommend it. It's great food and its right on the edge of campus. Pretty much cannot go wrong with whatever you choose to eat.

The rest of tonight I believe is going to go hang out with some friends at a small party and take it easy. My trip thus far has been great and I cannot wait for tomorrow as well. I hate that its going by so fast....but thats what happens when you are having fun.