Back to the School Week

"After a great weekend, its time to get down and dirty and start pushing through the next school week. So far it shouldn't be anything too stressful. I do have a kinesiology test on Friday so that shouldn't be too bad.

Like every Monday, I only have my one class today so it wasn't bad at all. Just go, sit, and listen to Nate teach the class while throwing in a few stories just to spice up the information.

After class I went straight to the gym to get in my daily workout. Unfortunately, it was a leg day which is one of my least favorites. It always wears me out, but thats a good thing right? I guess I shouldn't complain. God has given me the ability and the strength to be physically active so I should use my abilities the best I can. There are many people around the world who do not have the same oppurtunities I do so I need to change the negative attitude.

So far its been a great day and it should continue to get better. I am starting my new job today. What is this job? I'm working catering for Kennedy Union, one of the cafeterias on campus. I got a few friends who work at the same place and they really enjoy it. From what I understand, I will be preparing food for specific events on campus doing various jobs such as food prep, to mixing and baking, to who knows what else. With that said, I got to go get ready for work. Yes, it is Monday, but keep the head up high because its a three-day weekend coming up!

Quote of the Day- ""The winners in life think constantly in terms of ""I can, I will, I am"". Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have done or on what they

don't do.""

- Denis Waitley"