Basketball Season Opener

College basketball is in full swing all over the U.S. including UD. Sunday night, we opened up our season with Wofford. I was there, courtside seats, to watch our team play. You may ask how did I get those seats, and for those who do not know, I am a cheerleader at UD. So when it comes to home games, I get the best seats in the house.

Me personally, I had never heard of Wofford, so I figured we would win pretty easily but it was the exact opposite. Wofford started off the game with a three and from then on, it was a constant physical battle on the court. At half time, we were up by one or two. The second half was no better. We were not playing very well, giving up turnovers, missed oppurtunities, and just not smart play.

Thankfully, we pulled off with a win by three points. Everything went pretty smoothly coming from the sidelines. All the stunts that we through up hit, so that is always a good thing. Sometimes, the first game gives some jitters, but everybody did pretty awesome. We already have a few mounts that we have put up, so we should be able to do some pretty cool stuff by mid season. If you get the chance to come to a basketball game, it is an experience of a lifetime. It is actually ranked top ten arenas to experience a basketball game. Hopefully the fan base will continue to support the flyers and hopefully get a bid in the NCAA tourney. That would be awesome.

Hope all is well with everybody. Be safe and Make Good Choices