Big Game Tomorrow Night

So, the most anticipated game for mens basketball here at UD is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 11, at 700 pm on ESPN2. We are playing Xavier, and after losing all three of our meetings last year, we are playing for a big win against our biggest rival. This past Sunday, we unfortunately lost to Charlotte, putting us third in the Atlantic Ten conference, but with a win over Xavier, it would push us to second place.

For those people who are considering UD for their college pick, basketball is the big sport on campus. I constantly hear people asking friends if they saw that game last night, or are they going to go to the game this weekend. Basketball is huge here. After a deep run into the NIT last year, we are playing to get into the Big Dance, the NCAA tournament. For me this would be awesome, especially if we got a bid to Charlotte, NC or Miami, Fl. Since I am a cheerleader, we get to travel to the A-10 tournament as well as if we make any of the other tournaments as well. Hopefully we will get a bid this year, and travel somewhere new, and see how well our Flyers can do. If any of you guys get a chance, check out the game tomorrow night on ESPN2. Who knows, you may see me on the sidelines.

As always, be safe and make good choices