Bring on the Competition

After a long but productive practice yesterday, all of the coaches including myself felt pretty confident in how the girls would perform today at the competition. I woke up this morning feeling good and continued to have an optimistic outlook on their performance until arriving and hearing about one of the girls being sick. Her name is Sky, and apparently had not been feeling good all morning, getting sick at random times of the day. Sky is one of our best flyers for the cheerleading team, and is in front of the routine for majority of the time. Seeing her looking miserable made all of us feel sorry for her as well as getting nervous for competition time. We all knew she would only be able to do the routine full out one time, so during our warm-up period, everything that she was a part of was marked and not warmed up.

“On the floor now from McDonough, Georgia, the World Xtreme Vipers……” All of the parents in their seats are screaming as the girls come through the drapes walking onto the competition floor. The three of us coaches, Kayla, Amanda, and me, look at each other. A sense of nervousness and excitement is seen in our faces, but I couldn’t imagine what is going through the minds of all 20 girls on that floor. Before the music starts, I scream, “You girls got this, you got it!” The routine starts and the 2 minutes and 30 seconds could not go by any slower. What do you think happened? I couldn’t believe my eyes; the girls hit the routine better than I or either of the other coaches has seen them do before. Sky pulled through hitting all of her stunts without any struggle and even was able to smile the whole time. The girls, though tired, came off exciting as we told them how proud we were of every single one of them.

For the rest of the day, it was a waiting game. We watched many other teams and levels compete and a few hours later it was time for the awards ceremony. In our division, we were 1 of 6 teams competing against each other. “In third place, World Xtreme Vipers….” We were happy for them, but they along with all of the coaches had some disappointment. Before awards, the three of us had been discussing that we should get 2nd place for sure. However, we were excited because we beat our across town rivals Cheer-town USA who got 4th place. The girls were very excited to beat CTA, so that was something very positive for all of them to go into the next practice with.

Overall, it was a great competition and we wouldnÂ’t have asked the team to perform any better. On a side note, the winter weather has not hit yet. We got home just fine without any problems. Currently we are under a winter storm warning so it seems like that my brother and sister will be out of school tomorrow for sure and probably even Tuesday. I guess we will wait and see. IÂ’m going to go watch the playoffs, but be safe and make good choices!