Bringing in the New Year

ItÂ’s hard to believe that a new year is here and the year 2011 is over. Last year brought so many different memories and experiences in my life. Most memories were great, some were no as enjoyable. But if I had the opportunity and go back to change anything that happened, I simply wouldnÂ’t. Though I have many faults, I am happy with the person I am at this moment in time, therefore changing anything I said or did could have altered who I have become.

Since I was back in Ohio for a few days after Christmas, I once again spent New YearsÂ’ in the Dirty D (what UD students call the city of Dayton). Though it would have been nice to spend New Years with family, the second best thing is to bring in the next year of memories and experiences with some of your closest friends. Originally, the plan was to have a party at my house on campus, but after learning of a friend having a party at a house off campus, we decided to combine parties and head over to their place. It was probably the best idea to do in the first place. It not only gave us more friends and people to hang out with, but I got to see in the New Year with people who I donÂ’t get the chance to hang out with on a regular basis. I also got to see my good friend Jake who is from the Akron area in Ohio. I hadnÂ’t seen him since we all got together over fall break and went up to Cedar Point.

When it got close to midnight, all of us gathered in the living room to watch the countdown from New York City. Once the clock hit 20 seconds, everyone started counting down. When the New Year had finally arrived, those who had a significant other looked into their eyes, gave them a kiss and hugged them. For those single like myself, hugged my friends who were close and celebrated. Though I wonÂ’t forget 2010, what happened in that year is the past and that is where it will stay. Now it is a fresh year, a fresh start, and my goal is to be the best person I can be while living every moment like it is the last.

For everyone else, I hope that this year will be a year of memories and experiences. Be safe and make good choices!