Cant Get Enough of New York

Well, needless to say, I am back in New York. Only this time Im with my dad, brother, and my sister and we are staying in the city. The main reason for coming for the weekend is to see the Boston RedSox vs. Yankess game tomorrow at the new Yankees stadium. I am pretty excited about it. Although Im not really a huge fan of either team, Ill route for the Yankees in order to save my life!!!

Today we got into the city around 1 pm and got checked into our hotel. We dropped our stuff off and headed out to walk the streets. For lunch we enjoyed a some hotdogs right off the streets. They were pretty good and just the atmosphere in the city probably made them taste even better. Just a few blocks down was Times Square where we went into a few different stores and hungout for a little while before heading back to the hotel. Im not really sure what the plans are for the rest of today. I know I am going to workout at the gym they have in the hotel at some point and eventually it will be dinner time so I mean those are good things to look forward to.

Oh just for your information, I have started my countdown back to my college home. 16 little days seperate me from the greatest college on the face of the earth. Anyways, I will keep you guys updated on the activiites that go on while up in NYC. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

Be safe and make good choices