Caught in the Act

Like Andrew, I too never had experience any problems with stealing of items belonging to me. But recently, my comfort level changed drastically.

Coming back from my friends room down the hall, I find my door closed. I figured somebody just pulled it shut, but when I try to get in, the door is locked. Starting to tense up and become frustrated, I start pushing on the door, when all of the sudden, the door becomes unlocked, and I find two guys in my room, both whom I have never seen before. One was sitting on my bed with my phone is his hand, while the other was acting as though he was not doing anything.

Come to find out, when the first guy left my room, he tossed the money he had taken from my wallet on my roommates desk. The second guy, for some reason, did not feel like leaving, so I had to force him out. This is not to scare anybody, this is just simple precautions to take anywhere you go.

UD is a great place, and I would not go anywhere else, but you cannot be too careful in regards to your possessions. My advice, lock you door even if you are going to a friends room for a few minutes or just using the bathroom. In a matter of five minutes, burglars can come and take what is yours. I am just thankful I was able to catch them in the act.

Anyhow, I hope everybody is having a great weekend. Be safe and make good choices.