Cheerleading Formal

It is finally the weekend and what not better way to start off the weekend then getting dressed up and going to a formal. This isn't just any fraternity or sorority formal. This is the first ever cheerleading formal as part of cheer alumni weekend. This year, my coach put together cheer alumni weekend which includes the formal, and the night football game in which some of the cheerleaders who have graduated can come cheer at the game, throw some stunts, and hang out with everybody.

I do enjoy cleaning up every once in a while and looking good to go throw down a few dance movies and get a little crazy. I am taking one of the girls off the co-ed team Chloe. It should be a fun time. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my old friends that I haven't seen since they graduated. As for the rest of today, I plan on cleaning up the house and relaxing. Everybody is coming over before the formal to hangout and then we are all leaving together to head over to the arena where formal is being held.

It should be a pretty good time so I am looking forward to it. Let the weekend begin! Be safe and make good choices!