Cheerleading Tryouts: We now have a coach and a team

This past weekend, we finally had cheerleading tryouts. After getting a coach a few weeks ago, it feels like we are starting to get somewhere with the cheerleading program.

Though it was nice to start working towards having a team, the weekend was constantly busy. On Saturday, we had a cheer clinic from 12-4. It consisted of getting to know the new people trying out, learning some cheers, stunting, and tumbling. Although the four hours went by pretty fast, I was wiped out afterwards. Since we were starving, Kelly and I went and made dinner at her house. We made a pesto basil pasta and added some chicken, along with blueberry biscuits. Needless to say after a good meal and a long day, I slept extremely well that night.

Sunday was no easier. From 1-2:30 p.m. was an open gym at a local tumbling gym. At 3:30 we had to be back at Frerick's gym so we could set up mats and get ready for tryouts. From 4-5:45 was time used to practice doing any last minutes stunts we wanted to throw during tryouts or to work on any tumbling. Finally, 6 oclock came around and tryouts began. We were all a little nervous, but in the end the results ended up really good. Unfortunately, some people were disappointed, but overall I feel everybody was in good spirits.

Wishing the day was over, I ran over to the library to work on homework for a few hours. What a day it was. It finally ended around 2 a.m. But thats ok, I'm really excited that we are getting somewhere with the cheerleading program. Hopefully everything continues to run smoothly, and if it does, it should be a pretty good year.