Close to going insane

For those who donÂ’t know me, IÂ’m the type of person who likes to be active and keep myself busy. There are times where I am lazy and wonÂ’t do anything for a few hours, but for the most part I like to be engaged in some type of activity. As I had mentioned on Monday, everything in the Atlanta area was pretty much shut down. Tuesday came along and it was the same story. The road conditions didnÂ’t get any better, and in some cases worsened. Being completely stuck at home all day Monday and for a good part of Tuesday tested my sanity. By Tuesday afternoon, both my brother and I ventured out on slick roadways to make our way to the gym.

I remember thinking, “it feels so good to be out of the house”. It also helps that I enjoy working out and being physically active as well. After leaving the gym, we headed over to my mom’s house for a little while since I hadn’t seen her since Sunday.

As for today, my brother and sister were out of school again and they have already called off school for tomorrow as well. ItÂ’s hard to believe sometimes how one storm can cause so much chaos. They are only 1 more school day to be canceled from having a whole week off, as well as having next Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

This break has been flying by as usual. With only a few days left before I head back up to UD, IÂ’m working, working out, and relaxing as much as I can before the start of my last semester. I know I will have a blast my last semester, but it will be bittersweet knowing that the best four years of my life will be coming to end in a few short months. But IÂ’m not going to relish on those thoughts right now. I got to keep my mind focused on finishing my college career strong while not wasting any moments and soaking up every opportunity of memories that I can.

Well like almost every other day of break, itÂ’s time for me to hit the gym before heading to work. ItÂ’s near the end of the week, so keep pushing through and look forward to the weekend for whatever you may have planned. Be safe and make good choices!