Couldn't have worked out better!

So remember when I was talking about meeting up with the girl Jessica and how I was a little nervous? turned out extremely well. It was like an instant connection. We talked and just hung out we had been hanging out for a long time. It was nice to feel comfortable with someone and to just be yourself, no worrying what they are going to think.

The drive over to Scott's was a great time as well. We had the music turned up in the car and we would take turns picking songs while asking each other questions trying to get to know each other better. We shared a lot of laughs...especially when it came to making fun of each other for some of the dumb or stupid things we have done or said.

We got to Scott's where I introduced her to my friends. Something that made her stand out was that she was out going and enjoyed meeting my friends...and in return my friends enjoyed hanging out with her. It was great. I enjoyed hanging with Scott, meeting his siblings, and meeting his friends as well. Scott has been a good friend of mine for a couple years now. He was the main reason for making the trip up to Dayton because he is applying for the navy and there is a good chance I may not see him for a while. So I took the oppurtunity to see him at least one more time.

His house is in the middle of nowhere....with a nice yard and a pool in the back. Sun was still out and the grill was going. Its kind of like one of those picture perfect moments. I caught myself taking a step back looking around and being extremely thankful for what I have been given. Though leaving Scotts today kinda stunk, we all had a great time and I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy hanging with Jessica and vice versa. I hate that I have to drive back home tomorrow, but I did have one heck of a great weekend.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well. Be safe and make good choices!