Day 1 of Camp- Gettin' to know the new ones

After a short hour drive from Columbus, it felt great to be back in Dayton and even better to be back on campus. It was sunny and the campus looked beautiful. I went up first to VWK, one of the sophomore dorms on campus, to check in because thats where we are all staying for camp during the week.

Before heading down to a meeting with a representative of athletics, we all hung out in the lobby and caught up on each other's lives. Plus it gave me the oppurtunity to introduce myself to the new people who were doing cheerleading this summer. We have two new girls who are on the co-ed team, three new girls for the all-girl team, and a new guy for co-ed.

After the meeting, we had a short practice. It was only about two hours and pretty laid back. It was more of introducing people and letting everyone see how practice would be run. We were all excited for the short practice because that left the rest of the night for team bonding.

Before I went to hang out with everyone on the team, I visited my friend Nicole and went to her family barbecue. I had never met her family before, so it was exciting seeing some new faces. We had a great time catching up, hearing stories about the family, and of course the food! After hanging for a few hours, I headed back to campus to hang with the team.

We all chilled out in one of the rooms for a few hours, playing a few games and shared a lot of laughs. We all then went to a party out in the Ghetto (student neighborhood). It was an oppurtunity to show the new people parts of campus and gave the veterans the chance to get to know them better as well. Overall it was a really fun night. Everybody seemed to have a great time. Tomorrow the real work begins because we have a 4 hour practice.

I can already feel myself getting sore and we really haven't done much so far! Its going to be a fun yet long week. It is time to hit the bed!