Day 2- I'm going to be sore........really sore

I would consider today our first real day of pre-camp. It was a solid four hour practice. We did everything from learning the fight song, to tumbling, and stunting. Coach started pairing us up with girls who she wanted us to stunt with so she can see who works best together. Right now she has me working with Courtney who is a junior and Chloe who is a freshment. So far they are both pretty good but I feel like I will get getting Chloe as a partner. That to me is perfectly fine. We get along great and like to joke around so I think she would be a fun partner to have for my senior year.

After finishing practice we were all pretty wiped out. I headed back to VWK to take a nice cold shower. After feeling refreshed, I met up with my good friends Pat and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. We go back since freshmen year. Pat lived on my floor so we hung out a lot and Kaitlyn used to do cheerleading and eventually Pat and Kait starting dating so we have all been great friends ever since then. So we met up for dinner at Skyline Chili and went out for a bit.

I shouldn't have stayed out so late considering I have to wake up at 5:30 am for conditioning. I can already feel my body getting sore. Tomorrow is going to be rough. I gotta get to bed. Good Night!