Day 3- Shouldn't have stayed out so late

"I can't believe I missed conditioning this morning. I slept right through my alarm. I felt awful because that is unlike me to miss anything. I'm usually a very responsible person so thats why at the second practice today I apologized to the whole time and taking full responsibility. I also apologized to coach and said I was ready for the punishment for missing practice. After getting that off my chest, the rest of the day went pretty well.

The second practice was outside in front of Albert Emmanuel which is the admissions building. It was hot but it was nice to be outside and stunt and work on some new stuff. After finishing up, I went back up to VWK and took a short little nap before our third practice of the day. Yes, I did say three. We have three-a-days for the next three days to help get us in shape for actual cheerleading camp at the University of Tennessee.

After a short nap, it was back to practice. Not going to lie, the two and half hours seemed to drag by and I couldn't be happier when coach said, ""roll up the mats""!. I'm hoping to sleep good tonight considering my body is sore, tired, and in pain. I guess we will find out when I wake up bright and early again tomorrow morning."