Dayton Flyers remain Undefeated at Home

Another great day for the football team as the Dayton Flyers beat Morehead State 34-28. This is the end of the game, Let me tell you of how the day started off.

The alarm goes off at 9 am. I look at my phone thinking, "I got two hours, I'm just going to lay down for a little bit longer." Eventually, after a half an hour of snoozing the alarm I jump off the bed and force myself to wake up. Listening to music always helps especially something upbeat like rock or hip-hop.

I brush my teeth and get all my stuff together before leaving the house before 10:45. Why am I leaving so early? Well, since the game is at 1 pm, the cheerleaders have to be at the game two hours before the game. Why two hours early, I'm still not really sure. We do have to strech and warm-up, but that usually takes about an hour, so what essentially happens is we strech and warm up. By the time we are done, we have almost an hour to just sit around and thats when we cool down before the game. So by the game starts, everybody has started to get stiff again....awesome. Anyways I'm done complaining.

The game finally started and the Flyers had a great start controlling the game up by 3 touchdowns by half time. At half time I found a little bit of shade. There was not a cloud in the sky and with the sun beating down on you, it does tend to get a little hot. Second half started and Morehead State came out with a vengence. It was in the 4th quarter that got extremely interesting when Morehead St. scored two quick touchdowns to pull themselves within six points. The Flyers responded with a touchdown while Morehead fought back with a touchdown themselves. With less than two minutes to go, Morehead drove down into Dayton terrritory but failed to convert on 4th down, leading to another Flyer victory in the books.

Overall, the game was exciting but I was glad it was over. By the time the game ended, it was close to 4 pm and I had been at the field for 5 hours. Its a pretty long day, but I have some relaxing time to look forward to for the next few hours. Unfortunately my Fighting Irish lost in overtime. A 1-2 start is not how I imagined their season to start, but there is still time.

Anyways, hope everybody has a great weekend. Be safe and make good choices!