Double Date

So, to end a great weekend, my roommate Pat, his girlfriend Kaitlyn, myself, and a girl I'm talking to went on a double date. We decided to do the classic dinner and a movie.

For dinner we went to a place called Adobe Gila's. It was at the outdoor shopping mall called The Greene. The Greene is pretty popular with Dayton students. Whenever they get tired of eating off Brown Street or when the women need to relinquish their shopping desires, the Greene is usually the place to go. Only possible obstacle is getting a ride. I'm lucky enough to have a car on campus so commuting is not a problem.

Anyways, back to Adobe Gila's. It is like a Southwestern restaurant. Great atmosphere with a lot of tvs with football on, so of course I'm going to enjoy the place. I had been here once before and enjoyed it. The same was true for the go around. I got the famous "Gila Burger". I have to say it was pretty tasty, so if you decide to go, I definitely recommend the gila burger.

After stuffing ourselves full, we headed over to the movie theatre which is in the greene as well. Since we were a little early for the movie, we went into the arcade, and like kids in a candy store, went a little crazy and played a few games to burn off some time.

Eventually, we decided to act mature again and saw the movie The Town. Have you seen the previews? Its the one with Ben Affleck and it takes place in Boston where they rob banks. It turns out that Ben falls in love with one of the bank managers he robbed. It almost sounds like a chick flick, but it was much more action which I enjoyed. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the movie.

Overall it was a good night just hanging out with friends and spending some time off campus. Now its time to play some Call of Duty and head to bed. Tomorrow is Monday, the start of another week. It's crazy how fast the year is going by so far.