Election Day

I would assume that many people are aware of the importance of today, November 4th. It is election day, and the tempo and atmosphere on campus is different than most days. Everywhere on campus, the talk is about the elections and who they want to be the next president. A common theme for encouraging people to vote is for a change. It does not matter who you vote for, as long as you get out and vote. Over the past few weeks, there have been speakers coming to UD to encourage students to vote. For example last week, Sheryl Crow, The Beastie Boys, and Ben Stiller came and held a rally. Although I was unable to attend, I heard many people came out to support voting and here some people speak, who normally you only see on tv.

Although it will be interesting to see who becomes the next president, I am more than ready for this election to be over. For the past few months, I have seen nothing but political commercials bashing on each other, and it is getting old. Oh well, I just got to make it through today, and then it will be over.

I encourage all of you who are of age, to go out and vote. If you want your opinion to be heard, you have to vote and not assume that it does not mean anything.

Its hard to believe its November already. Only five weeks of class are left in the semester, then exams. Time is flying by and the end of the semester starts to get a little more stressful with all the papers and finals coming up. The biggest thing is just staying focused.

Like I said before, if you can, go vote. Its your country, so you do have a voice.