Everything Just Feels So Right

"Since being back at the great U of D, things have seemed amazing. I'm getting to hang out with great friends, meeting new friends, working out, enjoying the beautiful weather, and soaking up the moments which make college the best time of your life.

For most people, Mondays are not the best day of the week, and usually I have that same mindset. Today, I started my day off with a 9 am run with my good friend Mo. We ran for just over 30 minutes, running through campus and through a neighborhood right off campus. We ran up Stuart Hill where I used to live in Stuart Freshmen Year. It was great just seeing the building where I lived and remembering the good times we had. I think, ""This is the place where it all started""! After a solid run, I hung out, got a little homework done, and went to my interviewing class at 12.

Although I rather not be in class, just walking to class was enjoyable as the weather was perfect, sunny with a cool breeze, pretty much my favorite type of weather. After my 2 oclock class, I hit up the Recplex, (the gym for UD students and faculty). After a tiring but great workout, I came back to my house. I get to relax for a little bit before my class of the day which goes from 6-7:40. Though not my ideal time to have class, I can't really complain because the rest of my schedule is pretty nice. Hopefully the class passes by fast so I can go grab some dinner somewhere on Brown Street. I can only hope that tomorrow goes as smoothly as today did.

Hope everybody is having a great day.

Be safe and make good choices!"