Final Day of Competition

"Nerves were high as my team I coach stepped on the cheer mats for the last time. This was the performance that mattered...the one that was worth majority of the points. And just like that it was over. The team competed well minus a dropped stunt and a touch down on a running tumbling pass. Now it was time to wait for awards...which were just an hour away.

We got our teams together and sat down for awards. In my mind I didn't know what was going to happen. We were competing with one other team in our division and skill level and I knew it would be a very close between first and last. ""Junior level three state champions goes to....................Twigs Cheer Magic!!!"" I couldn't believe we, they did it. It was the first competition they had one this season and it was the biggest one. Not only did we win State in our division...we won grand champions over all of the junior teams which is a really big deal. To see the happiness in the faces of the girls who competed was great after seeing a lot of disappointments with past competitions. I am very proud of them and very excited for them.

Unfortunately it is time to head back to Dayton where I have school work to do. But the short vacation was nice and coming back State Champs was very good. Anyways, I hope everybody had a good weekend. Hopefully this next week goes by fast. "