Finally Get to Go back up to the best place in the world

"I have waited a long time for the end of July to come. The reason being I get to go back up to Dayton because we have cheerleading camp. Camp doesn't start until Saturday but I decided to go up on Thursday right after I took a quiz in my Athletic Training class down in Atlanta. But instead of going to Dayton, I headed straight up to the Ohio State campus in Columbus, Ohio, to hang with my friend Jessica for a couple of days before camp started.

After a short 9 hour drive I finally made it up to Columbus. I had been texting Jessica during my drive and I told her I had a huge craving for Buffalo Wild Wings ""BDUBS"". So, thankfully that is where we ate dinner. I only know of one Bdubs in the Atlanta area so I really never eat it when I'm home. So every chance I get, especially up at school, I take advantage of the good food.

After dinner we went back to Jess' apartment and just relaxed and watched tv. Since I was continuing my goal of working out 30 days in a row, I did take some time to do some push-ups and sit ups. So far I made it 25 days, I'm pretty proud of myself but I can tell it is starting to make my body tired. Just five more days I keep telling myself.

Anyways, our friend Tina comes to Columbus tomorrow so it should be a good time. Plus we get to eat at this place called Noodles which is pretty tasty if I say so. So tomorrow should be a great day. Well its off to bed for me.

Be safe and make good choices!"