First Day of Class

"I thought I told ya, Imma star..see the ice, see the cars...- Recognize the lyrics? If not, it's called ""Imma Star"" by Jeremih. Why should you care? Eh, there really is not a reason too, its just what I heard when I woke up to my alarm on my phone this morning. Why is this relevant? Well, because I was waking up to go to my first class of my senior year.

It is so crazy I started my fourth year of college at UD. To start the day right, I cooked up a few eggs with some shredded cheese along with a nice cold glass of milk. Tasty? I think so.

So, back to my first day of class. It was a breeze considering I only have one class on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (well I have a short lab after the class on Friday). The class is Kinesiology. I'm an exercise science major so I enjoy these types of classes anyways. When I went to walk into the class, I got to see many people who I haven't gotten the chance to see or hang out with, so that was a great start to the class I have at 10 am. The second great thing about the class is my professor is the head athletic trainer for the men's basketball team, Nate.

Why is this cool? Well, Nate is pretty laid back guy who enjoys sports talk and has some pretty great stories to tell as well. I met Nate my freshmen year at UD when I hurt my shoulder and went to the training room for treatment. Since then I have numerous injuries and so Nate has had the pleasure and oppurtunity to help me out. He knows his stuff, so he gets me back to doing the cheerleading thing asap which is a great characteristic to have in an athletic trainer.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about the class. Because my class was done by 11 am, I have the rest of the day to myself. I'm not really sure as to what I am going to do. However, I will be hitting up the RecPlex to get my lift on. I do know later on tonight, my friend Kaitlyn is coming over and cooking dinner. I think all the guys in the house are pretty excited because that means we don't have to cook and we know she can cook extremely good so we are in for a good meal.

Well, its time to enjoy this beautiful weather. It's a great day to be a Flyer!

Quote of the Day- ""Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years."" Richard Bach "