First Football Game With Everyone

Though it wasn't the first football game of the season, it was the first football game with our whole cheerleading team. The sun was shining with a few clouds in the sky, but unfortunately it was pretty cold out, somewhere in the low 40's. Other than the temperature being unfavorable, the game went pretty well. The Dayton Flyers won their fifth game in a row by beating Davidson 17-0.

After the game, went straight back to my house because my Irish were playing USC. Well, first half we started out pretty decent, then the 3rd quarter I pretty much lost hope and turned the tv off. Apparently we made a huge comeback in the fourth quarter and ended up losing by a touchdown. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of disappointed I missed that last part of the game, but then again, we still lost so its ok.

Not sure whats I am doing the rest of this lovely Saturday. Possibly going out and hanging with some friends, or who knows, I may just chill and stay in tonight. Anyways hope everybody is having a great weekend.

Be safe and make good choices