First real snow of the year

There was much anticipation of getting a snow day today as the snow came down pretty hard throughout the day. Unfortunately the grounds keepers for the school were on top of their game. For some this is disappointing....but there is still hope. Later on tonight it is supposed to snow some more....possibly a few more inches. And with that, it could possibly get us some time off tomorrow.

My only class is at 9 am, so if we get half a day off...then I get myself a three day weekend. If you ask me thats not a bad way to start off the first week of second semester. So far it has been a very challenging week, unlike most first weeks of the semester. I had the joy and oppurtunity to take a bonus quiz for Anatomy today...and well that was an eye opener for how the class is going to go. You figure a quiz maybe ten to twenty questions right? Try 70 questions and you will be exactly right. Apparently that is an easy quiz. Needless to say, this weekend I will be studying for the real quiz that is on Tuesday, not to mention work on all of the other assignments I have due for other classes.

Well, halftime is almost over for the BCS Championship Game, so I'm going to finish watching Alabama destroy Texas.

Let's pray for a snow day tomorrow!