First Week is Over

As expected, the first week of class went by slow. Though for some reason, this week seemed like an eternity. Maybe its having five classes on a Friday? Whatever it is, I am glad to have the weekend in my grasp. I think to add to the stress of the week, the weather did not help very much. The whole week, it has been pretty cold with even some snow. Even though I do not mind the cold weather, when its cloudy for the week, it seems to damper my mood a little bit.

So far I dont have any concrete plans for the weekend. I work tomorrow at TWIGS Gymnastics from 10-230 tomorrow. Other than that, I will probably watch some basketball on tv and prepare for next week. I know what you are thinking. What a lame weekend, and quite frankly I feel the same way. Who knows maybe something random will happen, and make it an exciting weekend. You never know what will happen.

An update on our Flyers basketball team. We beat Miami of Ohio on Tuesday, making our record a solid 14-1. Saturday, we open up conference play against the University of Massachusetts. So far, our season is looking good as most people believe we will get a bid for the NCAA tourney. I would love that, as being a cheerleader, we would travel for those games. All I can do is hope for the best. For those in the area, its on tv tomorrow at 1 oclock so if you have a chance, check it out. It should be a good game.

Have a safe weekend and go Flyers