Football Season Gettin' Close

"The excitement is in the air for college and pro football seasons to start. College football officially starts next Thursday. I'm pretty excited for this year because my Fighting Irish have a new coach this year, Cincy's Brian Kelly. Let's just say the past few years it has been hard to be an Irish fan after all the disappointments coming from the football seasons in the past.

Since we are on the subject of college football, that means UD football starts up soon as well. Actually it starts a week from today. Because the first game is coming up so fast, we had a Saturday practice at one of the local tumbling gyms to start working on synchronized stunts and giving the oppurtunity for the new people to work on specific skills, stunts, and tumbling. Being the captain this year, my job was pretty much to oversee the Co-Ed team's practice and to correct technique errors in stunting. It ended up being a pretty solid day for practice but after the two hours was over, I was pretty tired needless to say.

Since we have a larger group of new cheerleaders, we all went to Chipotle for lunch afterwards. Chipotle is probably my number 2 favorite place to eat on Brown Street. Brown street the is main road right off campus that has all the chain restaurants and is where most of us college students eat when we don't want to cook or want a change from cafeteria food.

After a fulfilling meal, I plan on taking it easy the rest of the day until the Saturday night life picks up on campus. Our roommates plan on having a little party at the new house so it should be a good time hanging with the roommates, their girlfriends, and whoever else shows up. So far its been a great weekend I just hope this upbeat weekend continues into next week!

Quote of the Day-

""The joyful people are those who are generous and kind,

The miserable people are those who are selfish & unforgiving.

The problem solvers are those whose lives are powered by faith & optimism.

The problem people are those whose lives are drained by doubts & pessimism.

The winners are those who learn to take full responsibility for their actions.

The losers are those who blame others for their failures.""