Golf really isn't my sport.....but I need a laugh every once in a while

"When it comes to baseball or softball, I feel like I'm a decent athlete. But when it comes to golf, I'm not the most talented player in the world. Everyone says its about the time, the form, and the mindset of being calm and collective. For one, I'm not the most patient person in the world so if something I want to do takes longer than expected, I get just a little frustrated.

But good thing is, I don't compete with other golfers. I just go and play with friends, so that is what I did early on Saturday morning. My brother Ben, my friend Brian, and myself woke up pretty early, grabbed some breakfast at Waffle House, then headed to an ""extremely nice"" golf course. Actually, that was sarcasm....the course was playable to say the least, but it was cheap, so I can deal with it.

We hit some balls on the driving range first and well that was probably where the highlight of our golfing outing went. I set up a ball on the tee box and hit the ball straighter than 95% of my shots. I then glance to my left to see my club head flying in the air and hitting the net on the side of the driving range. I look down at my club just to see my stick. It happened so fast and I remember thinking ""what in the world?"". All the sudden, I see my brother and Brian laughing almost to the point where they pass out. So during the rest of the day, the talk was about my clubhead flying off while at the driving range.

Golf was fun, even though I'm not very good at it. But the heat was starting to slowly kill me. It was about 90 degrees plus that lovely humidity we experience down in HOTLANTA. Anyways so far its been a good day. We have my grandfather's house-warming party later on so that should be a good time. Can't wait to eat everything in sight.