Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

Fall Break is in full swing. For the past few days students all over campus have been waiting for this time off of school. A chance to relax, to get away, to visit family and friends. In my case, I have a great break hanging with friends in Sandusky, Ohio. After a short road trip (about 3 hours), we arrived at the house we would be crashing at for the next 3 nights. As I said before, I have seen pictures and the house was beautiful. But when I first stepped out of the car and took a tour of the house, the pictures didn't do justice. This was one of the most amazing houses I have ever been in, sitting right on a beach on Lake Erie. The parking lot for Cedar Point was across the road and the theme park was in clear view from the house.

I could see no flaw in this 7000 square feet of house. I am still in shock that I am actually staying here. We all picked where we were staying at, and we started to settle in. We put on some music, which plays in every room in the house, including bedrooms, bathrooms, downstairs, upstairs, and basement. I cant help but smile and think how blessed and lucky I am to spend this time in the company of good friends. I'm determined to make this the best break considering it is my last fall break of my college career.

I believe the plan is to go eat at a bar and grill called Manny's tonight. Apparently the food is extremely good, so I'm excited to test out what Sandusky has to offer. My friend Jake from Akron is also coming up for a few days to come kick it with us as well. I haven't seen him since spring semester last year, so it will be nice to catch up and just chill.

Well I'm going to get back to relaxing with the friends. Tomorrow is Friday so if you are working or at school, keep pushing through. Tomorrow starts the weekend.

Be safe and make good choices!