Good to be Home

It’s been a few days since getting back from Ohio and I have enjoyed it so far. As I have mentioned, getting into the best shape of my life was one of my new year’s resolutions so my brother, Ben, and I have been hitting the gym hard….well at least for the past two days. That’s also when my “diet” started as well. Before you freak out or anything, it isn’t a real diet like Adkins or anything like that. All I am really doing is trying to eat healthier by staying away from fried foods, junk food, and limiting the amount of sweets I have a week. Usually most people would try to get rid of all sweets, but if you don’t have a cheat day every once in a while, your “diet” will surely fail.

Anyways, I’m not going keep on talking about my workouts. My main point I am trying to get across is well, it’s good to be home. Being able to spend time with family and friends is great. I mean I can’t deny that I miss all my friends up at UD, but for the moment, it is nice to be off of campus and relaxing without the stress of school or anything else that goes along with school. Since we have been off two weeks already the feeling of being home can be compared to how I felt during the summer. Other than it being colder than the hot, humid air in “Hotlanta”, this is the most time I have been home since before starting college.

Since my freshmen year, Christmas break has only been about 2 ½ weeks, but this year we have a month off. But because of cheerleading, I would normally only be home a week and then go back up to Dayton to finish my break with a couple of basketball games. This extra time being home and being off of school will probably be very beneficial. I get to sleep in, work at night, workout, home-cooked food, and hang out with family and friends. It doesn’t get much better than this at this point in time. I hope everybody is enjoying their break as much or even more than I am. Be safe and make good choices!