Gotta get up for a half-marathon in 3 hours....this should be interesting

"It's about 1 am right now. I had an awesome day hanging out with the family. We enjoyed each other's company, ate at Chick-Fila, played some video games with my brother, and RELAXED. It seems like it has been so long that I have been able to do that without worrying about college.

Tonight I met up with a group of my friends and went bowling. My brother, Ben, and sister Rebecca tagged along as well. We bowled quite a few games in, but we all really didn't care about what the scores were. Many of us were off at school and this was the first time hanging out since summer, so we were catching up with eachother, swapping epic stories of college and enjoying a lot of laughs. It's moments like those that I thank God for. Having great friends and being able to have a good time is a beautiful thing.

But as I was saying, its about 1 am, and at 4:30 am I get to wake up for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day half marathon. I am not very ""excited"" for it, but it will be cool to finish....if I finish. I have not trained at all. The longest I have ever ran was 6.2 miles over a year ago and recently I haven't ran over 3 miles at one time. This will definitely be a challenge, but I do like challenges so bring it on. But I better get to bed, I'm only going to get a few hours of sleep as it is. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day!"