Great Birthday Weekend

"This past weekend I got to enjoy turning 20. On Saturday, my friend Anthony flew in from Ohio to come see what Georgia has to offer. A few hours after picking him up, I had a barbecue for my birthday. It was great having a group of friends coming over, eating great food, playing kickball and wiffle ball, and even a little bit of dancing. It had been a while since we all got to hangout as a bigger group so the atmosphere was definitely pretty awesome. It also allowed Anthony to meet some of my friends that I talk about as well.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, we pretty much relaxed. My grandfather went back home in his new Z06 corvette he bought over the weekend. Let me just say, that care is simply amazing. I mean i guess if you have 80 grand to spend on a car, that would be the one to get, hands down. Later on in the afternoon, Anthony, my sister, and I went to go play a little tennis. Little did I realize how the scorching summer heat would affect me. We can just say that we were wiped out after an hour. Overall it was a great weekend. It was nice having the family and friends to hang out with. It got me thinking of how time passes by fast.

Ill leave on this quote from Anthony about turning twenty. ""Hey dude, just think your half way to forty!""

Be safe and make good choices"