Great Weekend, now back to the Grind

With great weather, a win for the Dayton Flyers on Saturday, and in company of good friends, there is no complaints coming from me about the weekend other than it being over. Looking at the week ahead, it doesnÂ’t seem to bad, I just have to try and stay ahead.

As I mentioned, we had a huge win for menÂ’s basketball yesterday against Duquesne. With what felt like a sold out crowd, the Dayton Flyers pulled off a 64-63 win over the Dukes. The first part of the game seemed to be a little sloppy on both ends, but eventually both teams found their rhythm sharing lead changes, questionable calls by the referees, and having the crowd put their expressions into the atmosphere of the arena whether it was cheering for a good play or booing at the calls made on the floor. There were points in the game where the atmosphere seemed so loud and crazy it reminded me off the past years of the Dayton vs. Xavier. Speaking of that big rival game, that game is next Sunday so that is something to look forward to as I grind through this week.

More than ever, the thought I this being my last semester of college at this great school gets me a little depressed. The memories, the people, the pictures, the atmosphere, etc, it all has been a truly amazing experience, one that can’t and won’t be forgotten. I’m sure any of you all know the feeling. Maybe it was at a summer camp or maybe its your senior year of high school, but when you look back and think, “wow, I can’t believe it’s almost over” or “I can’t believe time passes by that fast”, you know you have had some great memories in your life and will continue to have more.

As much as I would like to ramble and talk just about anything, I got to get back to my homework that I pushed off all weekend. The 8 am class I have is going to come a little too soon it seems. LetÂ’s take each day this week, one at a time, and make it through to enjoy next weekend. Be safe and make good choices!