Halloween isn't just for kids!

"So what if I am in my 20's now.....I still want to dress up for Halloween, so I did. Actually, probably 95% of the students at UD dressed up for Halloween. For my costume I ended up being a Chippendale. I know, not the classiest thing to be, but the outfit was pretty funny and well I had a good time, so that's all that matters right?

I was able to obtain the the black vest and bow tie from a friend at work, but it was the tight black pants that I was having a hard time finding. The afternoon of Halloween, a group of friends and myself went up to the Dayton mall in search of tight black pants. I knew very well I would have to go into a ""women's"" store and so I did. Forever XXI was the first store I went into, and well it was the only one I needed to go into. I explained to one of the girls that worked there that I needed some tight black pants for my costume, and well she got me just the thing. Nothing like trying on some tight black leggings with a black shiny strip of something going down each pant leg. I can't say that it wasn't awkward for me to go up to the cash register and buy them, but then again, what should I care? I'm just trying to have a good time.

Well a good time was what Halloween ended up being. A group of my friends came over to hang out at my house for a while before we went to a few parties. Walking through the ghetto ""student neighborhood"", I saw just about every costume imaginable. Its quite entertaining to see how creative college students can get. But overall, the time was well spent with friends, enjoying each others company, and just being able to take a small break from the stress of being in college.

Hope everybody's holiday was enjoyable

Be safe and make good choices!"