Home At Last: The Move In

On Sunday morning I said bye to my family, packed into my friends car, and started the 8 hour journey back to what feels like my second home. Arriving around 4 in the afternoon, I put my stuff into the house I would be living in for Junior year. Living in the house so far has been pretty awesome. The feeling cant be beat. I would say probably the best feeling that goes along with living in the house is sitting on the porch. In fact yesterday, I had a cook out at my place, had some friends over, listened to music... and talked about what all we did over the summer. I mean, its a great feeling seeing and hanging out with all the people I havent seen in a long time.

On Sunday night was when I got to see a ton of my friends as I went to one of my friends houses for a party. It seemed surreal as it was like a reunion of all the guys I lived with freshmen year in Stuart. Plus its always cool to see the new group of Freshment come out and hang with us as well. So far I cant complain about how the year is going so well. Today is the last day before classes start on Wednesday. I am actually pretty excited to get into my classes. I miss going to class and being challenged academically, so this should be good for me. But as for the rest of today, it will consist of buying food for myself, getting a few books, and going to an open squad competition team practice tonight.

Hope everybodys week is going well. If you guys come to visit sometime during the year, look me up maybe we can grab lunch and I can tell you more about the GREAT UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON

As always Be safe and Make good choices!