Hoping for a relaxing weekend.

Well another week has passed. With all of the papers, projects, and homework this week has been extremely busy, but hey thats life. I just have to get through the three hours of work tonight and I will have the weekend to enjoy before working on getting through the two day school week we have next week.

Tomorrow we have the last home football game. I know it's a must win for us, as we are playing for the Pioneer Football League first spot as well as a spot in the Gridiron Classic bowl game played in December. If I understand the situation correctly, we are in a 3-way tie at the moment. We must win tomorrow and Butler needs to loose in order to for us to make the bowl game. So a lot of excitement and emotion will be shown on the field at the game tomorrow.

As for the rest of the weekend, I have practice on Sunday afternoon. I plan on going to church on Sunday morning, then the rest of the night will most likely be spent at the library trying to get a huge group project done before Thanksgiving break.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Be safe and make good choices