I think I wanna move to Saratoga, NY

Today, I barely had time to breath as we were on the go for majority of the day. I woke up around 8 am so we could go get in 9 holes of golf with Poppy, Pat, his girlfriend, and myself. It was only my second time playing so obviously I wasnt going to do great, but I had a blast. It was nice trying something farely new to me and it really got me interested in trying to play more often, so we will see what happens.

After golf, we went over to Saratoga National Cemetery to visit both sets of my great grandparents on my moms side graves. This cemetery is strictly only for war veterans, so knowing that I had a lot of family serve our country was a cool thought. Though I had only met these people a few times in my life, due to the distance of where we lived, it was still an emotional feeling of this is where they were laid to rest. I know the yare looking above watching over me, but its still weird to think that they are gone from this world.

After visiting the cemetery, we drove into the town of Stillwater where we ate at a place called the Ugly Rooster. We met some family that I had met for the first time earlier in the week so it was all in good company. The food, big surprise (sarcasm), was great. I had a cheeseburger, waffle fries, and potato sald. Mmmmmmmm, it was tasty.

Lunch eventually came to and end, and we went to see Pats mom. Pat is my grandfather Poppys cousin just for reference. Again this was another oppurtunity for me to meet family that I had no clue that existed. Its so interesting to hear stories from when they were younger and growing up. It was really a learning experience and just great to listen to all she had to tell. No sooner did our visit come to an end that we headed to dinner with myself, Poppy, Pete and his wife. We ate at an Italian restaurant, the name I cant recall unfortunately, but the food was AMAZING. It was authentic Italian food. Nothing like the Italian food I would find in Georgia, but the real thing. I had a shrimp cocktail, fresh bread, salad, and a shrimp pasta with marinara sauce. Fulfilling our appetite, we headed out and because of the beautiful weather we went and walked in downtown Saratogo. For those people who arent really familiar, Saratoga is a very historical town. During the Revolutionary War there was a major battle fought called the Battle of Saratoga. If that doesnt ring a bell, then maybe the fact that the town is known for horse racing and the famous Saratoga racetrack. People from all over the country come during the horserace season in Saratoga and enjoy themselves with fine dining and activities. Though the season has not started quite yet, the atmosphere was great. All along downtown there were numerous restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping, etc. Just walking in the crisp, clean, cool air of New York and seeing people enjoying their time just made me smile. It made me really want to move to New York. I loved it so much, I may try to get a summer job in somewhere around here next year. Its absolutely amazing. But I could talk about it for hours, but I must get off because we got an early day tomorrow as we head to the Baseball Hall of Fame! I cant wait.

Be safe and make good choices!